Teresa Armstrong MPP, London-Fanshawe

Government of Ontario


Are you interested in getting more involved with issues around your community? Is there a cause that I or my collegues in caucus have taken up that you would like to get involved with? Then please consider taking a copy of a petition. Circulate it around your community, collect signatures, and then deliver it to my office. I will gladly pass on any petitions you bring me to Queen’s Park.

If you are interested in drafting your own petition, be sure to ensure it is properly formatted. You can find a guide to writing petitions on the Ontario Legislature’s website at http://www.ontla.on.ca/lao/en/getting-involved/petitions/.

Below, you can find some petitions that have already been drafted in regards to issues that the Ontario NDP Caucus is working for currently. Please help yourself to a copy.

Sign on to support the NDP's plan for affordable childcare here in Ontario and across our country.

The government of Canada has failed to provide predictable funding to develop and deliver affordable, accessible, and high quality early childhood education and childcare programs in Ontario.

Families pay monthly fees of $1152 on average for one childcare spot in Ontario compared to $152 per month in the province of Quebec.

Investing in high quality childcare will reduce the stress on families, benefit children's development and future academic success, allow more parents to reenter the work force, retrain or go to school. It will reduce dependence on social assistance, reduce poverty, and will bring $1.75 in return for every dollar invested by our government.

Families, businesses and the economy will benefit from investing in our early childhood education and childcare programs.

This province should partner with the Federal Government to ensure that every parent in Ontario has access to childcare at a cost of no more than $15 a day per child.

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Please click above to sign on to support the NDP's plan for affordable childcare here in Ontario and across our country.


On March 21, to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Teresa Armstrong, MPP for London-Fanshawe, launched a campaign help combat discrimination through a Pledge to End Racism.

This pledge was developed with members of the community who have first-hand experiences, and saw the necessity of implementing a tool to combat these issues in a meaningful and tangible way. 


I pledge to take a stand against racism.

I pledge to call out racism when I encounter it.

I pledge to examine my own prejudices and privileges.

I pledge to root out systemic racial discrimination in all its forms.

I pledge to listen first and try to understand the perspective of those who have experienced racism.

I pledge to strive to uphold the dignity of others.


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Racism and discrimination have no place in Ontario. If you would like to sign the pledge please click the above link to take immediate action and start an open conversation on race, discrimination, and equality in your community today. 


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas Provincial and Demonstration Schools in Ontario provide education programs and services for students with special education needs

Whereas There are four provincial and three demonstration schools for Anglophone Deaf, blind, deafblind, and/or severely learning disabled students, as well as one school for Francophone students who are Deaf, deafblind and/or have severe learning disabilities

Whereas even with early identification and early intervention, local school boards are not equipped to handle the needs of these students, who are our most vulnerable children

We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

a) Oppose the closure of Provincial and Demonstration Schools and recognize that these specialized schools are the last hope for many children

b) Stop the enrollment freeze at these schools in order for students and their families, who have exhausted all other available resources, to have access to equal education for themselves without added costs, to which they, like all students, are entitled to


À l’Assemblée législative de l’Ontario :

Considérant que Les écoles provinciales et de démonstration en Ontario offrent des programmes et services d’éducation spécialisée pour les élèves avec de grands besoins éducatifs et/ou des troubles d’apprentissage;

Considérant que Il y a quatre écoles provinciales et trois écoles de démonstration pour les élèves anglophones sourds, aveugles, sourds-aveugles, et / ou avec des troubles d’apprentissage, ainsi qu’une école pour les étudiants francophones qui sont sourds, aveugles, sourds-aveugles et / ou avec des troubles d’apprentissage

Considérant que Même avec l’identification et l’intervention précoces, les conseils scolaires locaux ne sont pas équipés pour répondre aux besoins de ces élèves, qui sont nos enfants les plus vulnérables;

Nous, soussignés, appuyons cette pétition à l’Assemblée législative de l’Ontario pour:

a) Opposer la fermeture des écoles provinciales et de démonstration en reconnaissant que ces écoles spécialisées sont le dernier espoir pour de nombreux enfants.

b) Arrêter le gel des inscriptions dans ces écoles afin que les élèves et leurs familles, qui ont épuisé toutes les autres ressources disponibles, puissent avoir accès à une éducation égale, sans frais supplémentaires, à laquelle ils ont droit, comme tous les étudiants

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Please click above to support the NDP's petition to Stop the Closure of Provincial and Demonstration Schools.