Teresa Armstrong MPP, London-Fanshawe

Government of Ontario


Are you interested in getting more involved with issues around your community? Is there a cause that I or my colleagues in caucus have taken up that you would like to get involved with? Then please consider taking a copy of a petition. Circulate it around your community, collect signatures, and then deliver it to my office. I will gladly pass on any petitions you bring me to Queen’s Park.

If you are interested in drafting your own petition, be sure to ensure it is properly formatted. You can find a guide to writing petitions on the Ontario Legislature’s website at http://www.ontla.on.ca/lao/en/getting-involved/petitions/.

Below, you will also find online versions of the petitions. While physical petitions are needed for presentation in the Ontario Legislature, please feel free to sign online as well to show your support on these issues. 

Racism and discrimination have no place in Ontario. If you would like to sign the pledge please click the above link to take immediate action and start an open conversation on race, discrimination, and equality in your community today. 

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Support improving the quality care for Ontario long term care homes by legislating a maximum temperature. 

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Support improving the quality care for Ontario long term care homes by increasing minimum standards of care. 

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Reverse the OSAP cuts, protect the existing tuition grants, and reinstate the six-month grace period after graduation.

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Invest in equitable, needs-based autism services for all children who need them.

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Stop the government from making cuts to classrooms and demand they invest in public education in Ontario. 

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Petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to invest in a provincial housing strategy, affordable housing, and supportive housing for those experiencing mental health issues; and we ask that the government immediately release emergency funds to London’s homelessness prevention system, including shelters, so that they are able to provide assistance to people in crisis.

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