Teresa Armstrong MPP, London-Fanshawe

Government of Ontario

Pledge to End Racism

Help start an open conversation on race, discrimination, and equality in Ontario. 

On March 21, to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Teresa Armstrong, MPP for London-Fanshawe, launched a campaign help combat discrimination through a Pledge to End Racism.

This pledge was developed with members of the community who have first-hand experiences, and saw the necessity of implementing a tool to combat these issues in a meaningful and tangible way. 

Take the pledge:

I pledge to take a stand against racism.

I pledge to call out racism when I encounter it.

I pledge to examine my own prejudices and privileges.

I pledge to root out systemic racial discrimination in all its forms.

I pledge to listen first and try to understand the perspective of those who have experienced racism.

I pledge to strive to uphold the dignity of others.

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