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Government of Ontario

NDP critic Miller slams multimillion dollar cost overruns on Pan Am Games

Published on May 28, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK —  NDP MPP Paul Miller called on the Premier during question period today to explain an alarming pattern of increases in the operating budget of the Pan Am Games.

“Toronto’s 2015 budget for revenue, marketing and ceremonies has gone up from $106 million in 2013 to $139 million last year, to $157 million last Friday. That’s a 48% increase in two years in the budget to attract people to the games. Why?” asked Miller. 

“Year after year, we have seen consistent increases in six of the eight lines in the operating budget: 25%, 27% and 32%,” outlined Miller, who charged that the essential services budget and contingency budget had been slashed without explanation to produce the appearance of a balanced budget. 

The Liberal government offered no explanation for the rising costs exposed by Miller.